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 Performance can be planned - Leistung ist planbar 

Analysis, consulting and implementation from a single source

 Initiating, planning and implementing new projects and development stages with certified Project Management Professionals® increase your project success. Organizations that invest in proven project and program management practices deliver greater value and outperform their peers on key business metrics: 

Higher agility (68% vs. 8%)
More strategic benefits (87% vs. 26%)
Less money wasted (14 times less money)
Meet goals (92% vs. 32%)

On time (88% vs. 25%)

Within budget (89% vs. 25%)

Source: Project Management Institute / USA


Process optimisations and continuous improvements with Lean® Business Management increase your company success: 

 Delivery +26%
Stock turns +33%
Productivity +25%
Reduced Waste -26%
Reduced Space -33%

Source: Manufacturing Advisory Service / UK

How much time and money would be saved if waste levels were reduced by 26%? How much additional capital could be avialable if you could reduce your inventory? 

Human resource development and team management with a High Performance Coach and Agile Scrum Master® improves team collaboration, results and performances.

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01_____ Independent


I provide independent and objective consultation

For me, your wishes, your needs and the needs of your customers are the focus. I don't have to fulfil internal requirements or sell products. 

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02 _____ Analytical

I advise on the basis of reliable data

A mix of the latest tools and techniques as well as tried and tested Six Sigma concepts is used to develop the best possible data basis for making the best possible decisions. 

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03 _____ Customized

I tailor individually to your company

Every client and every project is unique. I don't reinvent the tools and techniques, but each new client and each new project is offered a unique approach so that the optimal result can be achieved.

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